Polkadot: what is it


The use of cryptocurrencies online continues to gain popularity. Tokens are involved in various trade transactions. Such currencies in the project are designed to become an alternative and replace real money in the future.

Polkadot: what is it

This network was created in 2017 and is considered a multi-chain. The functionality of the network allows many blockchains to be connected into one system. Mass updates are not practiced on the web. Unlike competitors, innovations are introduced gradually.

The polkadot system is adjusted in such a way that it allows integrating networks of other projects in the process. Among the main advantages of the site are:

  • safety;
  • variability of functionality;
  • the ability to create your own blockchain;
  • transfer resources to other users without restrictions.

Buying currency

To buy half a cadot, you need:

  • open a special e-wallet that is compatible with the required system. We are talking about Ledger or Crypto.com;
  • find individual DOT address;
  • register on the portals with which the system cooperates (binance, cex.io);
  • top up an account from a bank card, cryptocurrency or fiat funds;
  • transfer DOT tokens to your individual account.

Purchase of funds to work in the system is carried out at the rate set for a specific date.

Online registration

To start earning, you need to register in the Polkadot network. The custom algorithm of actions is as follows:

  • go to the site and create an account. To do this, the user selects the “Accounts” item and clicks on the “Add” option;
  • a secret phrase appears in a pop-up window that needs to be saved;
  • enter a name and password to log into your account;
  • Stake DOT by selecting the Staking option via the Network tab; < / li>
  • select validators by ticking the checkboxes or simply writing out their addresses; < / li>
  • determine the nominators;
  • select a wallet;
  • add selected validators.

Polkadot course

This indicator changes daily, but now there are no major fluctuations. Leading portals offer such amounts for 1 unit:

  • binance, investing.com – 27.44
  • kraken – 27.38.

As you can see, the price of half a cents differs by only 6 American cents on different sites.

Currency information

All polkadot news are available on our portal. Before registering and starting to participate in the auction, you must familiarize yourself with the news of the financial market. This will help to trace the main short-term trends in order to understand how to behave on the site in the near future: buy, sell or not be active in order to preserve capital.

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