NFT platform PUNKS Comic


NFT platform PUNKS Comic

NFT is a unique non-fungible digital key that was generated from cryptocurrency. The main feature of NFT is that it cannot be replaced or destroyed for any other token. That is, NFT literally confirms the uniqueness and originality of any digital object. It is also important to note that NFT does not affect file copying in any way. That is, it simply confirms that the user owns a digital object.

With the help of NFT in the Internet space, you can purchase any kind of music, image, game item, and so on. And due to the fact that information about the owner is simply impossible to delete or change in any way, it can be concluded from this that the main function of NFT is to register ownership of any digital object in the blockchain.


PUNKS Comic was created in 2017 and started doing software development. After that they had a great idea to create a character generator, which were made in the style of “pop art”. And with this idea, they began to push forward to create an app or game.

PUNKS Comic is a rather sensational project that has been steadily in the rating for a long time and at a rather high place. After all, their concept is considered interesting and engaging. After all, each NFT has different attributes, for example: skin color, eye color, accessories, and so on. Also, the creators did a pretty good job on various small details and accessories, for example: caps, glasses, earrings, hairstyles and so on. But still, the main work of composing the characters is done by the generator. And thus, some attributes are considered rare, others common. And thus, the more rare items an NFT character has, the more valuable he is.

Based on the history of sales and the creation of crypto-banks, there are several reasons that made PUNKS Comic popular. Here are some of them:

  • Low cost of initial NFT punks. After all, to start buying crypto-banks, you just need to pay a little for a transaction.
  • Cryptocurrency growth. This is one of the most important reasons since 2019 saw a rise in the price of bitcoin. At that time, it grew 20 times.
  • Attracting richer buyers. Due to the increase in the price of bitcoin, the crypto-bank on the avatar on social networks could show the social status of the owner. In this way, a crypto-bank was purchased for 170 thousand dollars.

Thus, PUNKS Comic created not just a large number of pixel pictures, but unique digital art objects that have the ability to show the social status of its owner, as well as influence the art world. < / span>

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