BKEX Cryptocurrency Exchange


BKEX Cryptocurrency Exchange

BKEX is a cryptocurrency exchange based in the British Virgin Islands. Traders can use the exchange to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. Along with the global cryptocurrency exchange platform, there are also OTC trading facilities and fixed income ETFs. BKEX crypto exchange was founded in 2018 by American Lion Gee. The business is wholly located and registered (officially licensed) in the British Virgin Islands. It was developed by a Chinese American development team.

BKEX” exchange names itself the leader among the first level cryptocurrency exchanges. BKEX is also touted as the first transparent trading platform with a large market share. This means that their exchanges are monitored and their financial transactions are audited by third parties. But about the crypto exchange Bkeks reviews and ratings on most crypto forums are not very positive. They mention the difficulties of withdrawing funds from BKEX. Some users even called BKEX a scam website.

Bkex – trading conditions, main characteristics

Trading platform “Bkex” allows you to make transactions using borrowed funds – up to X20. It is worth recalling that leveraged trading can lead to large profits, but it can also lead to equally huge losses, so it should be used with caution. The Bkex crypto exchange trading platform was originally designed for experienced traders and offers the best alternatives for professional cryptocurrency trading. Transactions on the platform are executed at a high speed after funds are credited to the account.

  • Headquarters – British Virgin Islands
  • Year of foundation – 2018
  • Native token – available, this is “VKK”.
  • Cryptocurrency listing – more than 250
  • Trading pairs – 400+
  • Supported fiat currencies – none
  • Supported countries – worldwide, with some exceptions (Iran Saudi Arabia, North Korea etc.)
  • Minimum deposit – from 0
  • Deposit commission – depends on cryptocurrency
  • Transaction fee – seller 0.15% / buyer – 0.2% < / span>
  • Withdrawal fee – depends on the cryptocurrency;
  • Mobile applications – Android and iOS available;
  • Official site – www.Bkex.com ;
  • Payment methods – Bank transfer, EPS transfer, cryptocurrency, debit / credit card.
  • Customer Support Email mail, Twitter, phone.

Exchange Bkex – Commissions and Fees

According to the analytical review of the information crypto resource CoinMarketCap, at the trading platform “ Bkeks is one of the most competitive commission rates in the industry. The company operates on a “taker and maker remuneration system”.

Buyer (taker) commission varies from 0.2 to 0.055%, and maker (seller) commission – from 0.1 to 0.02%, depending on the transaction. There are no trading fees charged for large trade orders placed through the OTC service. Wire transfers are subject to a 0.1% deposit and withdrawal fee. In case of urgent withdrawal of funds, this percentage can increase up to 1%.

Bkex Cryptocurrency Exchange accepts fiat money in the following currencies: EUR, GBP, JPY and USD. Fiat deposits can only be processed by bank transfer. Bkex also supports crypto like Tether or USDT. Deposits in Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Monero, Zcash, Ripple, Dash, Iota and EOS are completely free, as are withdrawals.

For accelerated (urgent) deposit or withdrawal from a cryptocurrency account, additional verification may be required. The minimum deposit and withdrawal amount is $ 10,000, with no upper limit. The Commission page of the Bkex website contains a detailed explanation of the commission structure.


Concluding the conversation about the crypto exchange Bkex review , which was given in this article , we can conclude that this is a rather specific trading platform. For newcomers to the market, it is unlikely to be appropriate. Recommended for use only by experienced traders who have experience in interacting with foreign crypto – exchanges and are well aware of their conditions.

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